Lunch Form-Family Income Inquiry Form

Lunch Form/Family Income Inquiry Form

Dear Parents & Guardians,
Although lunch is free for NYC students, to assure the appropriate share of federal Title 1 dollars to WJPS, and to know the if your child has certain rights and services, we still need you to complete a lunch form. 
The Department of Education has changed the name of the form to the Family Income Inquiry Form.
It may have a new name, but the information is the same as you have provided all the years your child has been in school. It is very convenient to fill it out online. If you feel you will not qualify for free or reduced lunch, just indicate it online.
Paper forms take longer to process, and we are not assured of getting enough copies for all students. The paper form must be filled out by you, sent back to school with your child, collected by a staff member, put through a scanner and downloaded to the Department of Education. The DOE may take several weeks to then process the form.
If you have any questions or need more information, please contact our Parent Coordinator, Helen Reed.