College Readiness

College Readiness

College Readiness is a process that develops the skills and personal behaviors that students need to complete for enrollment, persistence, and success in college and careers. WJPS provides college readiness preparation for middle and high school students through a vigorous curriculum, College and Career classes, Town Hall meetings, and Road to College workshops. 

College Readiness Academic Achievements: 

Score 75+ on the ELA Regents Exam (or score a 480 on SAT Verbal or 20 on ACT English) and 

Score 70+ on a Math Common Core Regents Exam (or score a 500 on SAT Math or 20 on ACT Math) and Passing an Algebra II/Trigonometry class 

Students who score below a 75 on the ELA Regents exam or 70 for a Math Common Core Regents exam are expected to retake the exam. 

Other methods to demonstrate College Readiness: 

Score 3+ on any Advanced Placement (AP) exam 

Earn a grade of “C” or higher in a college credit bearing course such as “College Now” or “Early College” 

College Readiness Personal Behaviors: 

  • Persistence supports long-term commitment to educational goals through a positive mindset and self-efficacy. 
  • Engagement in school can increase a student’s connection to the community and self-confidence. 
  • Strong work habits and organizational skills carry over into successful college and career attainment. 
  • Communication and collaboration skills are essential life skills. 
  • Self-Regulation is important to resiliency. Students must develop coping skills, self-control and confidence to work through challenges.