WJPS​ ​School​ ​Grading​ ​Policy​ ​2018-2019

WJPS​ ​School​ ​Grading​ ​Policy​ ​2019-2020

Grading policies and procedures are an important component of a school’s instructional program. A meaningful grading policy should encourage students to be active and self-aware learners. We believe that grades should be determined from multiple measures which allow students to demonstrate their skills and knowledge in a variety of ways.

The WJPS motto “Don’t stop until you’re proud” reflects our belief in a growth mindset--that effort leads to achievement and success can be developed with persistence. Grades are based on mastery of standards-based assessments, and teachers give authentic and candid feedback on their progress toward mastering learning objectives. 

Students and families are encouraged to check progress online at www.pupilpath.com

WJPS grading policy is aligned by grade in the middle school and by subject area in the high school. 

The full grading policy is attached.