WJPS Email Use Policy

WJPS Email Policy

Electronic mail is a tool used by World Journalism Preparatory School (WJPS) to complement traditional methods of communication and to improve education and administrative efficiency. Teachers and administrators use email to communicate with students and for official notices. Students are expected to use their email accounts according to professional standards, good manners and common sense.

User Responsibility: Each student is assigned a WJPS email account address. The format is firstname.lastname@wjps.org The name used is that shown on the official Department of Education records. Nicknames are not permitted. Students are required to check this account daily, and they are accountable for all communications from teachers and administrators that are sent to their WJPS email accounts. Students may not opt out of school emails.

Sharing of passwords is strictly prohibited. Each student is responsible for his/her account, including the safeguarding of access to the account. All email originating from an account is deemed to be authored by the account holder, and it is the responsibility of that holder to ensure compliance with these guidelines.

Privacy:  WJPS owns all wjps.org email accounts and all data transmitted or stored using them. While WJPS attempts to keep email messages secure, privacy is not guaranteed and users should have no general expectation of privacy in email messages sent through wjps.org. Under certain circumstances, it may be necessary for appropriate school officials to access email files to investigate security or abuse incidents or violations of WJPS school policies. Such access will be on an “as needed” basis and any email accessed will be disclosed only to those individuals with a need-to-know, or as required by law.
Expiration of Accounts:  If a student leaves WJPS prior to graduation, the account will be deleted. Upon graduation, the account will be maintained for one year.
Gmail:  WJPS email accounts are provided through Google, and are Gmail accounts. Gmail is a web-based service that is accessible 24/7 from any computer with an internet connection. The account has more than 2 gigabytes of storage space. Gmail allows student access to calendars, classroom websites and shared documents that allow several people to work on the same document at the same time, from different locations.
Log In:
  • The username is the student’s firstname.lastname
  • The temporary password is the student’s Department of Education 9-digit OSIS or Student ID number, found on a report card, progress report or program
  • Students are encouraged to change the password
  • The password should be shared with parents/guardians, but parents/guardians can’t use the student’s wjps.org email address to send or receive email
Pupil Path:  PupilPath.com is a web-based program that allows parents/guardians and students to check assignments, progress, and behavior over the internet. Emails between teachers, staff, parents/guardians and students are supported on PupilPath. A registration code is required to log-in to PupilPath the first time. Contact our Parent Coordinator, Mrs. Reed, for that information: helen.reed@wjps.org or 718-461-2219.