Regent Exam Scores & Credit Accumulation Information

Regents Exam Scores & Credit Accumulation Information

To graduate from a New York City high school, students must earn a total of 44 credits and pass five Regents exams. Even though a score of 65 is passing, a score of 75 on the English Regents exam and an 70 on a math Regents exam is needed to be thought of as college ready.
A student who graduates as "College Ready" increases their chances of being accepted to a CUNY 2-year or 4-year college. Students can also avoid having to pay for remediation classes at a CUNY - remediation classes cost the same as regular college classes, but do not count as college credit.
The College Requirements Card has details of what is needed for the types of diplomas students can earn. There are translated versions of the College Requirement Card.

Students should read about CUNY'S Testing Requirements and how they can meet them through Regents  and SAT/ACT scores. Successfully finishing AP Classes and College Now classes can also help a student become College Ready.