If you know the Lexile score, you can go directly to the Lexile website.

Reading increases vocabulary, improves comprehension, and builds writing skills. It improves cognitive development - the thought process behind remembering, problem solving and decision-making. It is crucial to encourage middle and high school students to adopt a lifestyle of reading.

Reading assessments are one of the tools educators use to determine how much a student understands what they are reading. Reading levels can range from Independent (relatively easy for a student to read), Instructional (challenging but manageable) and Frustration (difficult). One of the major differences between fluent and poor readers is the amount of time they spend reading. Students have been given a score based on their DRP level (Degree of Reading Power).

We want all students to read at their instructional level so they can keep up with instructional materials as they progress from grade to grade, and through college. The reading assessments help teachers identify the underlying skills and strategies students need to develop to reach their Instructional level. Students already at their instructional levels will be guided to stretch their reading level.

Children rely not only on their teachers for reading support, but their parents and guardians as well. DRP scores can be converted to Lexile Levels to find books fall within the range of independent and instructional reading for the student. Lexile Levels determine the readability of a book. They don't take into account the actual subject matter. Lexile Levels are applied to all kinds of books - not just young adult fiction/non-fiction.

The Lexile website has a "Find A Book" feature that lets you enter a Lexile Level and get a list of books with a range above and below the level. 

 All WJPS students should be reading for pleasure in addition to the assigned reading for school. Please encourage your child to make time to read every day.

Here is a great article from the New York Times, "How to Raise a Reader." You have to scroll down a bit to get to information about Middle School and High School readers.

Our Pinterest​​​​​​​ site also has Middle and High School reading lists, broken down into fiction and non-fiction.

DRP Score Lexile Score
41-50 260-470
47-51 480-660
47-53 510-690
53-55 610-750
55-56 660-840
56-58 750-930
59-60 800-1040
61-62 800-1060
63-64 900-1140
65-66 960-1140
66-67 1050-1210
68-70 1050-1350
70-71 1150-1400
71-72 1150-1450
72-73 1200-1450
73-74 1250-1450