NY Times Replica Edition

NY Times Replica Edition

We have a subscription to the New York Times Replica Edition. This is an online copy of the newspaper. It gives you all the content from the printed paper, 7 days a week, including Saturday and Sundays, The Book Review and The New York Times Magazine.
It is not the same as unlimited access to NYTimes.com.
To access the Replica Edition:
  1. Go to the NY Times Replica Edition
  2. Log in with your school's unique credentials

    Username: 200340362
    Password: 200340362

How do I read today’s newspaper?

• Click anywhere on the newspaper image to enter the Replica Edition.

• Or click on an article headline on the right side of the Classroom Subscription screen.

• You can read in newspaper replica view, in article view, or you can listen to an article.

At the bottom of the article I’m reading I see “Continued on Page A3”– how do I get there?

• Place your arrow cursor directly over “continued on Page A3” (or whichever page is given) until the pointing hand cursor appears.

• Click.

How do I read a back issue or a Sunday issue?

• Click on the Calendar feature inside the Replica Edition. You have access to 30 days of back issues.

• You have access to the Sunday sections of The Times and The New York Times Magazine. Scroll down on the Classroom Subscription home page, or find them in a

drop-down menu at the top left of the Replica Edition screen.