Google Classroom Parents

Class Codes / Attendance

Class Codes:

Parents and Guardians can't "join" a Google Classroom with a Class Code - class codes are for students only. Parents will receive weekly updates from their child's teachers. Please see below for what that looks like, and check your email spam folder for the invitation. If you have any questions about your child's participation, please reach out to your child's teachers.


The Department of Education expects attendance to be taken, and that will look different for each school. At WJPS, teachers will look for interactions with students in classrooms (posting comments, asking questions, answering questions, joining "live" classes). If teachers note any issues, you will be contacted.

Parent Summary Reports

You will receive an email from Mrs. Reed or your child's teacher. If you press the "Accept" button, you will receive weekly updates about your child's classes. You DO NOT NEED A GOOGLE EMAIL ACCOUNT to get these updates.

 Blue accept button in middle of page 

Sample of Parent Summary

The Weekly Summary includes missing work for your child, work that is due next week, and class activity. 

 text on grey background with student work notes  

From the Guidance Office

Our Guidance Counselors, Mr. Lumetta and Ms. Paplow are available for students and parents/guardians. 

Practical Advice on Mental Health during Covid-19

Resources from NYC WELL

WJPS Parent Guide to Google Classroom