Back To School 2020-2021

Recap of August 27 Zoom Meeting

Thank you to the families who were able to join our Community Zoom Meeting on August 27, 2020. Following is a recap of the meeting. If you have any questions or concerns, please email our Parent Coordinator, Mrs. Reed, at

There are two Instructional Models:

Blended Learning Model: The blended learning model incorporates a combination of both onsite instruction at the school and remote instruction at home on the days the students are not scheduled to be on-site at the school.

Fully Remote Learning Model: The fully remote model uses only synchronous and asynchronous online learning and does not include in-person learning. Students who have opted to learn fully remote will be online with their teacher(s) every day engaging in both synchronous and asynchronous learning.

WJPS has five (5) Cohort groups of students:

Cohorts A, B, C, E are in the Blended Learning Model

Cohort D is in the Fully Remote Learning Model

WJPS Teachers will use Teaming: Teaming is a model in which a grade, cohort, or large group of students are taught by a team of teachers. Paired with shared, inclusive, digital curricula across grade-levels and course subjects, teaming may provide teachers with the flexibility needed to share teaching responsibilities for a group of students. Teacher teams can provide instruction to both blended and fully remote students. Students may have a different WJPS Online and In-person teacher for the same class.

Fully Remote students, Cohort D, are expected to log in to Google Classroom every day at 8:30 am and follow their teachers' directions.

Blended Learning students, Cohorts A, B, C, E, come to school only on their in-person days. Cohorts A and C are made up of middle school students, and Cohorts B and E are high school students. Cohorts A, B, C, E are expected to log in to Google Classroom every day at 8:30 am when they are not in the school building.

Some courses will be fully remote for ALL cohorts

Due to the number of teachers we have teaching remotely, at least one course for each grade is taught completely remotely via Google Classroom. The class will still meet, but will do so entirely online.

Fully Remote Online Classes Include: Art, Computer Science, Math Concepts, English Concepts, Journalism, Advisory, Newspaper, Broadcast, Yearbook and Physical Education

Student Programs: For all students, in all cohorts, the day begins at 8:30 am, whether you are in-person or remote. Student programs will be available on PupilPath by September 10, 2020. Students and parents/guardians who are new to WJPS will get their activation codes before then.

Synchronous (live) instruction will occur daily, ranging from 80 - 100 minutes for grades 6 to 8, and 100 - 120 minutes for grades 9 to 12. Those amounts will increase as the school year progresses, capping out at 210 minutes of live instruction per day.

Google Classroom: Teachers will email invite codes to students' WJPS email accounts to join their Google Classrooms. 

Lockers: Due to social distancing guidelines, students will not use lockers. Students will bring their backpacks and coats to their classroom. Students will be in one classroom during the school day and teachers will rotate in and out of the room.

School Supplies: Once school starts, individual teachers will advise students on the supplies required for their classes. It is not necessary to come to school with too many supplies. Students should bring their own pens and pencils, and something to write in until they decide if they prefer a binder or composition books. Teachers will have suggestions on what will work best for distance learning. In general, it is good to have some graph paper for math and science classes, ruler, compass and protractor, pack of index cards, highlighters and post it notes for annotating text in all classes, a pack of 12 washable markers, looseleaf paper (and a binder or folders to put it in) or spiral notebooks/composition books. When in the school building, students may want to have an extra mask and their own hand sanitizer and tissues.

Breakfast & Lunch: Breakfast will be "grab & go" from stations set up near the entrances. Students will have a "working" lunch period. Bagged school lunches will be delivered to the classrooms.

Links from the Meeting:

Digital Blue Card: Please provide us with updated information via our digital “Blue card” survey. Other essential back-to-school forms will be sent digitally and we need updated/preferred parent/guardian email addresses and phone numbers.

Learning Bridges Child Care: Learning Bridges is a new program that will provide free child care options for children from 3-K through 8th grade on days when they are scheduled for remote learning.

Opt-In to Full Remote: Families who want to opt from Cohort D and into Blended Learning will be able to do that during certain times designated by the DOE. When that process is known, we let you know the process.

Device Request Form: Please complete this form as soon as possible if you need a device for your child. Students who received a DOE iPad in the spring should still have it.

School Uniforms: In person students are expected to wear their WJPS uniform shirt at school. During remote learning at home, a uniform is not necessary.

Safety Guidelines While In the School Building

Arrival & Dismissal:

Students and families must complete daily health screenings. (More information is forthcoming. specific staff will perform random samplings of temperatures for both students and school-based staff using non-touch Thermometers. As students wait outside, students are expected to maintain social distance and wear their masks.

Students will be dismissed at 2:00PM in small groups that are staggered so that hallways and stairwells are not crowded. 

High School Students will dismiss from the Main Entrance on 192 St.

Middle School Students will dismiss from Exit 4 on Francis Lewis Blvd.  


For the first time this year, we will tentatively be allowing students to bring personal laptops or DOE issued iPads for use in the classroom. This is to facilitate learning at home and at school. 

Students are expected to adhere to the DOE electronic device usage policy and maintain appropriate online behavior as outlined in the Chancellor’s Digital Citizenship: Student Responsibilities. 

Social Distancing Strategies:

  • Limiting the number of people in classrooms relative to square footage
  • Teachers will rotate classrooms between periods
  • Lunchroom will not be in use (students will eat in classrooms)
  • Bagged lunch will be provided for those that request it during lunch
  • Lockers will not be in use
  • Staggered entrance and dismissal procedures will be in place

Uniforms and Masks:

Students are expected to arrive to school in uniform and mask. The school will have additional PPE for students who misplace or break what they bring from home.

Please reinforce with your family correct mask usage.  

Fact: Wearing a mask correctly is the key to making it effective at preventing the spread of the coronavirus. According to the CDC, a cloth face mask needs to have the following in order to be effective:

  • Cover both your nose and mouth
  • Fit snugly but comfortably against the sides of the face
  • Be secured with ties or ear loops
  • Have multiple layers of fabric
  • Allow for unrestricted breathing
  • Able to be laundered and machine dried without damage or shape changes

Masks with filtered valves, bandanas and neck gaiters have been deemed ineffective by the CDC. 

 sketch of people wearing mask incorrectly and correctly 

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE):

The DOE will communicate, educate, and reinforce personal protective behaviors (i.e. wearing face coverings, physical distancing, hand hygiene, staying home when sick) to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in schools with families engaged as full partners in this process. Everyone entering a DOE building is required to wear a mask/facial covering during the entire time they are in the building, consistent with New York State executive orders 202.17 and 202.34.

Our school’s custodians sanitize the school building regularly. Cleaning and disinfection will include all high touch surfaces: classrooms, desks & chairs, conference tables, drinking fountains, door handles and push plates, conference tables, light switches, restroom fixtures, partitions and hardware, buttons on hardware, buttons on vending machines, elevator buttons, gym padding, and physical therapy equipment.

 blue and yellow testing and tracing chart 


School Supplies, School Email Accounts & PupilPath

Supplies: Last year's lists are obsolete as they were created before Covid-19. Individual teachers will inform students of the supplies needed for their Blended Learning and Fully Remote Classes. Students in Cohorts A-D should bring some paper and pens/pencils to the first days of in-person learning to take note of what the teachers will require.

School Email accounts:  All WJPS students have been issued school Gmail accounts. The email address is their first name <dot> last name  Harry Potter's email address would be The password is the student's  9-digit OSIS/ID #. Teachers will send Google Classroom codes to those email addresses. 

Pupil Path: Pupil Path has not yet rolled over to the new school year. Students new to WJPS will receive their Pupil Path activation codes as soon as Pupil Path rolls over. That is also when student schedules will be available.

Questions & Answers from the meeting

  • Will every student and adult have their temperature checked when entering the building? What happens if someone feels sick?
    • Please see the  DOE guidelines  for information about monitoring, testing and tracing.


  • Are students expected to be in front of their computer all day?
    • Guidelines from the DOE indicate that fully remote students should anticipate receiving live synchronous instruction each day with a minimum amount of live synchronous instruction based on grade level, student need,  and school schedules. Additionally, English Language Learners must receive their ENL supports as per Part 154 regulations, and students with disabilities their special education and related services as per their IEP. 

Middle School Synchronous Instruction Guidelines

 blue and white chart of middle school synchronous teaching ranging from 8- to 210 minutes per day  

High School Synchronous Instruction Guidelines

dark and light blue chart for high school live instruction